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martes, 27 de octubre de 2009


Este año he tenido el placer de estar en el concurso junto al Team ED5T Torrent Contest Club, me he divertido y he aprendido mucho.
Gracias por todo, al Team ED5T, por permitirme participar y enriquecerme con vuestra experiencia.
Esta gente trabaja muy muy bien y los resultados lo dicen todo:

Call: ED5T
Station: EA5ELT

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Torrent
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 34 6 34
80: 295 20 90
40: 1036 35 122
20: 1626 35 127
15: 2064 37 140
10: 546 24 96
Total: 5601 157 609 Total Score = 9,418,736

Club: Torrent Contest Club


Our second year as a team in CQWW, first time in this test with the ED5T
callsign. We are the first ones to be surprised by our score, claimed new
record for EA, the old one standing since 1990.

New hardware incorporations since our last test in the summer were an AL1200 on
the run station and the temporary installation of 2 element parasitic vertical
arrays on both 40 and 80m. But if we look back at all the changes made over the
whole of last year, we were a whole lot better prepared this year than last in
lots of different aspects.

Only one Murphy attack this year, on the AL1200. This ole beast was in need of
a bit of TLC when we picked it up and in spite of our best efforts, Sunday
morning the plate cap started arcing over. We quickly swapped run to the mult
station, and Vic filed down the plates and gave them a quick coat of Teflon
paint. We even had a hair dryer available for quick drying and half an hour
later we were back in business. However the flashover at 2100z looked a bit
more severe and we decided to put the expert on run and limp home with the
multiplier on LP. Next stop a new bandswitch and a vacuum capâ?¦. Dodgy PL 259s
, T connectors and headset plugs are so common we donâ??t even bother to list
them under as Murphy attacks any more.

Disappointing results with the verticals too. Personally I had not expected too
much from them on 40, the rotary dipole at 27m already shows a reasonable plot,
and this was pretty much what happened. The verts certainly reduced the QRM
from EU but since the signal was slightly down, they didnâ??t get used much
except for a few Caribbean mults. What really surprised me was the 80m
antennas, showing the same but this time the comparison is with a bazooka at
22m high. After all the work Elias did with MMANA and EZNEC, we had expected
something a bit better, this was quite a disappointment and it shows, our 80m
QSO total lower than last year although no shortage of multipliers.

The big surprise of course was 10 and 15 metres, shame we did not have an
opening to the states on 10. Nods of agreement though when your scribe
suggested to the team after a long run on Saturday afternoon that we should
rename the DSP button ESP, many of the stations who reported us to be 59+ were
on the noise level on this side of the pond. Sunday morning we were able to
work, also on 15, a long string of JA, HL, and BA stations, the best I can
recall ever in my almost 20 years of contesting. The intense activity
highlights paths that are open but which we do not normally hear. EA8 only
audible on 10m heading 30º, JA on 40m at our local mid afternoon, KL7 at the
same time on 15â?¦.

All in all a great time had by all, good team spirit with everyone pitching in
to help is the best way to go about getting a big score.

It would be remiss of us not to thank those who make it possible. Our families,
first, for stoically putting up with us. Those stations who make the effort to
put on a rare multiplier (and our thoughts here especially with the C6APR
team). And of course to the Torrent town council, who cede us the club

Thanks to all for putting up with our incessant â??AGAIN? AGAIN?â?? and cu in
the next one

Run: FT2000, AL1200
Mult: TS850S, Expert 1k
10/15/20: Optibeam OB11-3, Explorer 14
40: linear loaded rotary dipole, 2 ele vertical beam, explorer 14
80: Bazooka, 2 ele vertical beam
160: Bazooka

Visitors: Fellow URE Torrent members EA5JK and EA5EWR put in some time in the
chair too, thanks guys!

73 de EA5ON on behalf of the ED5T team

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